Cirencester Car Parks

On this page you will find a map of car parks in Cirencester. In most cases parking charges apply from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday, including Bank Holidays.

Free parking Cirencester

You can park for free in The Brewery and The Forum car parks after 3pm until further notice.

Free all day parking is available on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays in the staff car parks serving Cotswold District Council, Trinity Road, GL7 1PX and St James's Place, Hammond Way GL7 1FP (next to the Leisure Centre).

Cirencester Car Parking Charges

Parking Duration Parking Fee
30 minutes 70p
1 hour £1.60
2 hours £2.80
3 hours £3.70
4 hours * £4.50
5 hours ** £5.00
10 hours *** £7.50
Sunday Free

* 4 hour parking only available at Forum Car Park
** 5 hour parking only availabe at Abbey Grounds, Old Station, Sheep Street and Waterloo Car Parks
*** 10 hour parking only available at Abbey Grounds, Old Station, Sheep Street and Waterloo Car Parks Only. All day parking is available at Beeches Car Park for £2.00

Abbey Grounds Car Park

GL7 2DA - 94 spaces, 2 disabled spaces

Beeches Car Park

GL7 1BW - 142 spaces, 3 disabled spaces, 2 electrical points

Brewery Car Park

GL7 1HN - 288 spaces, 6 disabled spaces, 3 motorcycle bays

Forum Car Park

GL7 1LJ - 179 spaces, 12 disabled spaces, 3 motorcycle bays, 4 cycle racks

Market Place


Old Station Car Park

GL7 1US - 148 spaces, 2 disabled spaces, 3 motorcycle bays, 5 cycle racks

Sheep Street (recently expanded)

GL7 1QW - 102 spaces, 6 disabled spaces

Trinity Road Car Park

GL7 1PX - Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays only

288 spaces, 2 disabled spaces

Waterloo Car Park

GL7 2PY - 233 spaces, 2 disabled spaces

Electric vehicle charging

Electric vehicle charging in Cirencester

Cirencester's Beeches car park has two electric vehicle charging points.

You can charge your electrical vehicle in 30 minutes. It costs £4 to charge and park for a maximum of one hour. There is a one hour maximum limit and the car must then be moved to another space if the owner wishes to remain parked.

The service is operated by Charge Your Car, for questions about how to charge visit their website or call 01912 605625.

Where can I park for free in Cirencester?

As park of Cirencester's "Free After 3pm" scheme you can park for free in Cirencester at The Brewery Car Park and The Forum Car Park. This scheme is due to end on 31st March 2020, but has been in place for quite some time and extended many times.

Is parking free in Cirencester on Sundays?

Free all day parking is available in Cirencester car parks on a Sunday.

Coach and Lorry Parking in Cirencester

The Coach Parking and Lorry Parking facilities at Cirencester Lorry Park have closed. The site is now home to Premier Inn and Beefeater.

Limited coach parking is now available on Old Tetbury Road. It is suggested that coaches drop-off at South Way before parking up on Old Tetbury Road, near the Leisure Centre.

Motorcycle Parking in Cirencester

Motorcycle parking is available at the following car parks (Free in designated bay):

The Brewery car park - GL7 1JH
Cirencester The Forum car park - GL7 1LW
Cirencester The Old Station car park - GL7 1US

Motorhome parking in Cirencester

As mentioned above, the Cirencester Lorry Park, which was able to accommodate motor home style vehicles, has now closed. So there are no current facilities for motorhome parking.